As much we love raising cattle we do not have the land needed to supply our local demand. 

In 2018 we approached Bill at Rondoni Ranch right here in Chicago Park (Nevada County) and asked if he would partner with us to provide our community with 100% grass fed and finished beef. He eagerly agreed.

Bill, a 4th generation farmer, was raised here on the ranch and loved being apart of such a passionate community. During college he spent summers here with his grandmother learning the family trade. After college he met his wife and moved out of the area but his love of the land pulls him back. 

We have partnered with Bill to manage his 600 acres of land and livestock with the highest ethical standards. His cattle never receive grain or hormones, are born and raised here and are treated with respect. 

For us, it’s a match made in heaven. We get the priveledge of raising delicious, stress free, healthy beef without having to purchase the land needed to sustain such large livestock. We hope you enjoy our beef as much as we do. 

  • Amy Pharis
Rondoni Ranch Beef