Pastured Poultry

This is RIDICULOUS chicken. They are truly free range which means my yard is a disaster. They are fed the best possible nongmo feed. Each feed batch is tested for antibiotics, hormones and glyphosate ... that’s right ... this feed is actually round up free! Woohoo! We mix this feed with raw milk and oh yum - they peck it right up. Combine a proper healthy diet with unlimited bugs and clover and sunbathing dust baths and you have a recipe for the cleanest most amazing chicken you will ever eat. Please don’t take my word for it ... try it for yourself. Let’s bring back Sunday dinner.

Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit 2020

Deposit only. PICK UP NOV. 21, 2020 ONLY

Dozen Pharis Eggs

Ask for availability.

Whole Chicken

3 to 3.9 pounds
$7.00/lb. Avg. 3.5 lb.