Pharis Farm

Kevin and Amy Pharis, Chicago Park, CA

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Kevin is a 5th generation Bierwagen, raised driving tractors and moving sprinklers. He excelled in Ag mechanics and showed lambs at the county fair. After high school he took courses in Soil Science at Reedley College and spent time building houses until he landed a position at Nevada Irrigation District. 


Amy is a Mendocino Coast transplant that spent her early years yearning for a farm of her own, saving every creature she could find. She moved to the Sacramento Valley out of high school in pursuit of a degree in Veterinary Technology and went on to get her bachelor's from UCDavis in Animal Science. 


Kevin and Amy were married on the family farm in 2009, during what seemed to be the hottest summer in history! After completing college they moved home to Chicago Park and went to work with Uncle Chris. January 2012 marked the arrival of their first daughter, Ginny Rae, who from an early age suffered from eczema. In addition, Amy's thyroid skyrocketed and sent her into a hormonal tail spin. In an attempt to relieve Ginny's pain and reverse the damaging effects of imbalanced thyroid, Amy went on a health food mission. Using the research skills acquired in school and motivated by her mother's heart she found the only true source of clean, healthy food was to grow yourself. Shortly after, they brought home twelve layer chicks from the feed store. Those twelve chicks planted the seed for Pharis Farm.

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Today, we raise small batches of chickens, pigs, eggs and turkeys free-range on pasture. Supplemented with fermented, non-GMO, spray-free, corn/soy free, rolled grains free of heat processing, and 100% sourced in the U.S. We believe we raise the cleanest meat you will ever find in a humane and environmentally friendly process. 

Our farm is predator-friendly using fence and livestock guardian dogs to protect our animals, allowing our local wildlife to continue their natural lifestyle. 

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These are our two energetic girls, Ginny and Charlotte– and our son is due to arrive June 2018!! 


When we are not farming we enjoy camping, fishing and spending time with family.

We look forward to meeting you, showing you around the farm and introducing you to our little slice of heaven.


Blessings on your health, 

Kevin & Amy